In a surprising miracle this week, our Samoan Early childhood centre received a letter of success for a last-minute application that we applied for in November from the Ministry of Education’s Pacific Education Innovation Fund.

This Innovation Fund was launched in September of last year with the purpose of supporting the development of innovative practices in Pacific bilingual and immersion education in schools and in Early learning centres like ours.

I thank God for this amazing opportunity as it allows for me to share the knowledge that I’ve gained in Indigenous research teaching and experiences in education contracts over my many years of teaching and learning in education to support the design of a curriculum that would be beneficial for our community of learning and also innovative in it’s practice.

There are so many possibilities and I thank the panel who read through our application and could understand the genuineness but also the possibilities of what this funding would be able to do for our communities as I hope to pilot this project with our Samoan centre and then share the ideas for our neighbouring Cook Islands and Niue Early childhood centres to also apply for upcoming funding…