Midnight January 1st, 2021 ushered us into a new year with much hope, expectations, and encouragement for another year of overcoming and achieving despite the pandemic that has plagued the world. I’d like to offer a word of encouragement, that encourages me, to all who read this blog that the best is yet to come.

In that often older people look back and reminisce days of old in their youth when things they were strong and healthy often forgetting that with time wisdom is grown and that’s life’s lessons helps us to consider what is important over what is urgent, it teaches us patience and to support the next generation coming through.

This new year, I have some New Year’s resolutions and goals that I’ve yet to complete but again, in God’s time, but with a lot more effort from me. Those are in my studies, with my family/s and at work as well.

I’m reminded to be thankful and appreciative of what I do have rather than that which I don’t and to support those who need a helping hand who come across my path but to also know my limits and say a polite “no” when it is warranted. 

All in all, I wish you all a prosperous and Happy New year ahead and don’t let life happen to you but to make it happen with whatever resources you’ve been blessed with either great or small and enjoy the gift of life whatever it looks like for you as there are always greener pastures and deserts wherever you go but remember to enjoy the journey ahead as you proceed with the blessings that you have…