Today is the second official day of Spring in the Gregorian calender but we all know that Spring naturally occurred earlier on in the last month with this pic taken early August evidencing the onset of Spring in our front garden.

Spring happens to be my favourite season of the year (see earlier blogs) because not only does it signal the warmer months coming but it’s also the season of my birth and our eldest’s.

I particularly love how in nature winter dormant trees and flowers start bursting into blossoms starting with our pink magnolia tree, daffodils are in full bloom with our pink cherry blossom tree soon to burst out in song nearer to the end of the season.

Spring is also a great time to start planting (if you haven’t already anticipated the start of Spring) and it’s also known as the time of “spring cleaning” for all those who aren’t already busy with so much going on.

It’s also a healthy reminder that despite the global COVID pandemic that the world is presently coping with – it doesn’t stop the seasons from continuing with nature still running it’s course and that “we’ve got this” by living beyond the fear and the uncertainty of the time and focusing on what is and what we can do to keep ourselves and our families safe.

So God bless to all those essential workers who are out there working in hospitals, supermarkets, with food stuffs, delivery services, teachers and students, maintenance crew, builders, services for vulnerable people, food banks etc. you all deserve a bunch of flowers and more for working beyond yourselves and making this world a better place this Spring…