This is a pic of my beloved yesterday, as he completed a  Facebook live pushups challenge as our family waited in the line of a local COVID-19 testing station (incidentally still awaiting the results) as there has been community outbreak in our community with someone testing positive at a local school and Early childhood centre.

If you look in the background, it’s a local hotel that has been turned into a Quarantine facility for those returning from overseas. We were able to observe a perimeter fence with people exercising in the carpark now make-shift courtyard and a security guard onsite ensuring that no one would leave the facility. They also had Courier drivers dropping off parcels at the edge of the fenced-off area wearing masks and keeping their distance.
This was yesterday on our third day of an Alert level 3 lockdown with another announcement that was made last night by the Prime Minister that we would be extending our level 3 Auckland lockdown for a further 12 days until the 26th of Aug at midnight with another review to be made on the 21st of Aug of the progress made to that date.
It’s becoming very real, in this second wave as with the first wave there were few areas that our family had been in contact with that had been diagnosed with the virus but this time it’s within our community. It’s also a reminder to be very vigilant as the source of the origins of this second virus is still unknown to date and a timely reminder to stay home and save lives.
This time, after I teach morning classes via zoom during the weekend, I’m thinking to try my hand at sewing up some masks as my mother did for us during the last lockdown, some of which have gone astray. I’ll be using the new sewing machine that I received for Mother’s Day during the last lockdown.
I’ll post up my creations with more thoughts on this second wave but most importantly to keep vigilant and to keep praying for our families and our nation at this time of uncertainty. As repeated in the messages “we can do this”, “we’ve done it before”, “stay safe” and “stay kind”…