I’m currently busy working on my PhD studies and one of the things that I’m very conscious about is the time that I’m sitting reading, writing, studying, considering, thinking, musing, debating, arguing (in my head) and although it’s very productive for me in a conscious way, it doesn’t do anything for my fitness.

A couple of years ago, I came across this workout. I like Dr Oz because he seems real genuine to me than some of the medical practitioners on the net out there and even during the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, I’d check out his feeds for scientific information regarding it for my family.

This workout has yoga postures in its foundation (that I used to play around with in my youth) but what’s so neat about it is that you only need to put aside 7 mins (or 10 in my case) and just take your time to go through the poses – no shortcuts and afterwards you end up feeling great having taken a bit of time to work out your core muscles and have a stretch that makes you alert in the morning.

I’d say to give it a go for 7 days and see how it feels for you so that you can get used to it and then add 7 minutes music playlist of your favourite tune and then see where it takes you. For those of us who have left our 40s and 30s behind, it’s really important to build up those God-given muscles for our every day living – you know as they say “use it or lose it”.

So now this is my morning routine, with a bit of my own take that I hope can be of some inspiration to you, especially if you find it hard to get out of your bed in the morning. It’s actually a wake up call that you can use to salute and say a prayer in the morning whilst listening to the thumping music that’ll take you through to a great day for the rest of it…