Congratulations to my beloved for completing and conferring (of sorts) his Masters degree in Applied Indigenous Knowledge with Te Wananga o Aotearoa.

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus situation our mid-year graduation had to be cancelled and the plans that we had for a big graduation party, etc. got canned but not to worry as we still celebrated in our own way with our families.

I tell the story of when we first met that I believed that he had the capacity to complete a Master’s degree back then (20 years ago) but then children and family life took over and it wasn’t realized until he became my first student when I went back to teaching Indigenous Research in 2016.

In fact, seven students applied from my class for the Master’s degree course (they had expertise in various indigenous practices) and six would have graduated (one is still finalising their rangahau/research equivalent) this year and I would have loved to have watched them cross the floor and get capped but unfortunately, that was not to be.

All is not lost though as I know that all of those incredible people have made transformations in their lives and will go on to positively impact other’s lives around them of family, friends, colleagues etc. with the positive message of completing a goal and making a difference in validating their indigenous knowledge in a formal capacity.

I’m so proud of him and many others who take this path, as former students, and I currently have another four past students studying towards their Master’s degree of Applied Indigenous Knowledge for the next two years. Definitely not a goal for the faint-hearted but well worth it in the end as you never know what doors will open for them and I am to thankful to God for this blessing in being a part of their journey…