A couple of days ago, my beloved and I went to get tested for COVID-19 at our local Manukau Drive thru testing station just outside Destiny Church on 25 Druces Road.

The next day, the test results were texted to our mobile phones and we both gave a sigh of relief in receiving negative results. Whew!

It was an interesting experience because we didn’t know quite what to expect as we’d heard from people about how uncomfortable it was and had watched people wincing from the nasal swabs on TV.

So bravely my beloved coaxed our car into one of two lanes and then drove our car to where the administrators took our details (all the while we stayed in our cars) then over to where we were nasal swabbed. Hint: Head up, close your eyes and hold still for a fast swab.

We then drove over to where we were given a food parcel/s that we could pass on to others with an encouraging promo to encourage other whanau/family members to also go for a nasal swab i.e. better to be safe than sorry.

This particular testing station was open at 8am to 3pm and we attended at 9.30am where there were a few cars lined up and not much of a wait time. NZ presently is presenting fewer people testing positive i.e. a couple of days ago there were 3 days of no confirmed cases so as a nation it’s good know that we are doing well but mindful of those nations who are still battling the virus on the front lines…