Happy Mothers Day to all our special mothers out there who daily sacrifice their own needs in order to support the needs of their families and friends around.

I think of mothers around the world who are currently at the battlefront of the COVID-19 assault, working as Doctors and Nurses, as Essential workers i.e. supermarket cashiers, grocery stores, those volunteering on the front lines bringing food parcels to people in need.

And more recently mothers who are pseudo-teachers supporting their child/ren’s education with online learning supporting their dreams and goals to do well despite the current situation that we are in as a nation and globally.

I think of my own mother and grandmother who have been so influential in my life. As role models, they taught me about believing in a God who cares and gives, they showed me the gift of creativity and resourcefulness, about never giving up and giving it your best.

So this day is about honouring those special women in our lives who do so much for us. I thank my daughters for the special breakfast and the planned lunch that we’re having (with the help of my beloved) and it’s so neat to be able to share this special day with my mother currently here from Samoa.

May God bless our special mothers’, those who are new, those who have been mothers for many decades and those who may not have their own biological children but who are mothers to many through their dedicated love and attention to nephews, nieces, as aunties or friends.

May your day be especially blessed but if no one comes forward to bless you then go out and spoil yourself. Be that buying special flowers, or having that special something that you’ve wanted. Go out and enjoy because you deserve it!…