We’re now into Day 28 of our national lockdown that was supposed to finish at midnight tonight but with Monday’s announcement, from our Prime Minister, that it was being extended for a further 6 days, I did heave a deep sigh of relief.

Not that we would be opening soon but that we would be given a further few days to consider what to do as we work towards the level 3 alert stage of our national response to COVID-19. We are still being encouraged to work from home, to homeschool online and social distance keeping our ‘bubble’ safe with essential travel only.

Compared to nations overseas such as USA, Italy, France, Spain and the UK etc. who have suffered heavy losses of citizens to this virus I feel we still need to step cautiously into level 3 as we haven’t yet managed to stamp out the virus totally from our shores unlike many of the Pacific Islands to date.

As I went out for a shopping trip yesterday, I was surprised to see so many cars on the road and even on the motorway as I passed by overhead. I guessed that with the announcement of an impending opening of lockdown level 4 next week, many have also relaxed and are making travel arrangements beyond what’s deemed essential.

As a parent with elderly parents, I’ll still be trying to keep my children at home for as long as possible as well as working from home and keeping our bubble contained as much as possible as there is still an element of risk with Auckland having the most cases of the virus since the lockdown.

Our thanks and appreciation go to all the essential workers i.e. doctors, nurses, supermarket staff, delivery workers etc. who have daily risked their lives in being outside their bubble, during the lockdown, to support our nation.

There should be more given to them in a show of appreciation as many wouldn’t have had the choice to work as being more of a necessity. Having been in that situation, many years ago before having a family, I deeply appreciate their circumstances and hope for blessings upon their families in these uncertain times…