As an indigenous researcher/inquirer, I’ve been watching a lot of content on the internet to school myself on the Coronavirus that we now know as COVID-19. Of all the information that I’ve skimmed through, I would highly recommend this video for understanding the virus from a medical, research and non-partisan viewpoint.

It also show the difference between the stance of the west and the perspective of Asian countries who seem to be fairly better than the European and now USA. This partly because of cultural differences but also in their political differences in that what is now happening to the US might be just the tip of the iceberg if Italy is anything to go by i.e. attitude on social distancing, closing borders, lockdowns etc.

Some of these measures seem extreme but as this medical researcher explained, this is like biological warfare with an enemy (COVID-19) that has unique properties that scientists, researchers and medical professionals are only coming to terms within the last 3 months and an even shorter period for NZ.

I am so thankful for our current Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern and her quick response to this pandemic which is, as many have described, is bringing the world to its knees with now some 192/195 countries affected around the world.

This is definitely no laughing matter and although those in their twenties have higher rates of infection with some being more blaze and cavalier about recovering quickly from the virus, they actually put others in danger by unknowingly carrying the virus to older age groups who are more susceptible of succumbing to the virus and dying due to complications.

It also sets in motion our response as mothers and fathers, aunties and uncles, children of elders etc. on how we can prepare ourselves and our families as best we can and have a better understanding of what we can do within our own households to stay safe.

This isn’t the first time that our world has experienced such a pandemic as in 1918, with the influenza epidemic that spanned many countries, a similar catastrophic scene faced the world and especially my beloved motherland of Samoa. I never expected to ever have to face a similar experience as what my maternal great grandfather lived and died through…