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Yesterday I was told by a colleague (thanks Kristen) at work that a Maori Kapa Haka (dance and singing) group had performed a special tribute performance on a competition stage to those had passed away during the measles outbreak last year.

The kapa haka group sang a stirring rendition of Lole Usoalii (one of my favourite Samoan female artists) song ‘Tu i luga’ stand up which brought tears as I reflect on some of the difficult events in Samoa’s history and recently the measles epidemic that took 83 lives last year.

When I read the info around the song, I thought that it was written in 2009 after the Tsunami hit Samoa but then found out that it was written in 1997 as a tribute for those Samoans fighting outside of Samoa (in the armed forces?).

Here are the lyrics that I attempted to translate from an unfinished one that was posted on the internet. Enjoy…

Rise – Tu i Luga by Lole Usoalii

Mua ina mua

Mua o, mua o, mua o (x 2)

Samoa lau atunuu pele                                     Samoa my beloved country
E le galo oe i taimi faigata                               (I) won’t forget you in difficult times
Tumau pea lau gagana                                     Remain still in your language
Fausia pea lou va’a                                           Still build your canoes
Faamalosi                                                         Be strong

Manatua pea aso anamua                               Still remember ancient days
Fa’aaloalo i tagata matutua                              Respect to elderly people
Fa’avae oe i le Atua                                         You are founded on God
Aua lava e te fo’i i tua                                       Don’t you ever go back
Talofa e, Samoa e                                            Poor Samoa
Tupulaga fo’i mai                                              Youth return back

Chorus:Tu i luga i lou malosi                          Stand up in your strength
Aua e te fefe i le oti                                          Don’t be afraid of death
O le Atua e, puipui oe                                      God will protect you
Iesu o le leoleo mamoe                                   Jesus is the shepherd
Fa’amalosi                                                       Be strong(x 2)

This is the story of my warrior people
This is the story of all Polynesia
Where the warriors rule and reign
Born as warriors and died as kings

Samoa e
I wanna thank you for my freedom

I give thanks for a certain destiny

Cos you fought and died for me

Showed the world to live in peace


Teine Samoa (Samoan girls

)Outou tama toa (You brave men)

Yeah, yeah, yeah