With the last couple of days before work commencing next week, I’ve been busy with family ‘faalavelave’ (Samoan word for important interruptions) i.e. a funeral in Samoa that my father and husband are attending to in Samoa.

I’ve also been busy decluttering our garage for a rumpus room type setting for our teens to hang out in to chill (relax) and with a small gym station with weights for fitness workouts (goals for 2020).

I have also been busy working on some art, with this piece (acrylics on canvas) which I painted a few years ago being made into a poster as one of many important proverbs that I hope to share with an interpretation or translation in the English language.

My aim for this year is to extend on writing books to also share important Samoan proverbs or proverbial expressions with some of the meanings in poster form, with artwork, to share with my communities.

The above artwork I’ve called ‘Tasi ae afe’ or literally translated as ‘one but thousand’. It’s the ‘taupou’ or female maiden title in my late paternal grandmother’s village which relates to a story whereby one is worth a thousand.

I’m also considering to make into cards so that both are for sale for those who are interested in sharing our arts and the wisdom of old. Some of these artworks will be pinned in my Pinterest account that I’ll be featuring in a blog next week but suffice to say that there is so much to keep me busy even before the working week begins…