This morning, I woke up early to attend our first prayer breakfast meeting of the year for 2020 at 6am with my church family.

It was a special time to meet together having prayed in the new year with my home family (three generations) and wishing each other a New year ahead.

And then upon returning home straight onto my new year’s resolution (more about goals for the new year) for starting back on my fitness trail and a healthy lifestyle for 2020.

Only to learn through social media that another work colleague has passed away overnight and awaiting funeral details.

Although somber in thought, it’s also a timely reminder to number our days as we make New Year’s resolutions and plans for this new year, it’s also about fulfilling the work that we’ve been called to do with the talents that we have, with the strength that we have and the influence that we have.

Wishing to all who read this blog a very special new year and decade ahead of us and an encouragement to seek out what your special talents are and the specific influence that you have and the positive messages/testimony/demonstration that you can give in changing someone’s world for good. God bless you…