Buying new diaries for 2020 signals the last days of 2019 as we begin preparations for the new year’s eve celebrations with family.

A habit I’ve acquired over the years has been to pick out two diaries. One for my daily appointments and another for my daily reflections and devotions.

And already I’ve started adding appointments for the new year with planning already underway but as they say ‘you make the plans but God has the last say’.

I have given electronic or virtual diaries a go i.e. on my mobile phone but I’ve found that it doesn’t quite capture the information that I want in the same way that a hard cover diary does.

Plus I’m able to carry important papers within to the various meetings that I go to. So, unfortunately, I’m not quite paperless as there are still important considerations that I make on paper.

What do you do as you undertake preparations for the new year? I know that I have a lot to be grateful for in this passing year as I look with anticipation forward to the coming year. All the best for your new year ahead as this old one passes to the next…