I hope you had a neat Christmas day and Boxing day celebration and relaxation with family as I over these holidays with my parents, children and one of my brothers visiting from Australia.

It has also been a time of sadness with some of our families due to three funerals in our family during this time and our thoughts are with them too.

It’s interesting that Boxing Days sales have now outstripped Christmas day sales as many people now flock to the shopping malls to pick up Boxing day bargains the day after Christmas and the sales now stretch through for a week.

To me, it seems like a massive sales gimmick to get shoppers to spend even more money but the crowds that are packing shopping mall carparks and full shopping malls tell the story that it’s most appreciated after Christmas day close down.

I for one, am happy to just relax and enjoy the holidays without racing out the day after Christmas for more shopping frenzy. I think I’ll leave that to those with hefty bank balances and who enjoy shopping till you drop, it’s just one less thing I’d rather not do these holidays.

So happy holidays everyone and as they say “be kind to one another”…