This Christmas we’re spending with our family, three generations under one roof with grandparents, parents and our children enjoying this festive season together.

However, what has been sad this year has sadly been the number of loved ones who have passed before Christmas and the sadness that they will be feeling with the absence of loved ones.

This particular Christmas card pictures us with my beloved sitting as Santa Claus in a shopping mall that we thought we’d surprise him by arriving to take a photo with him.

It’s funny because growing up, as with my beloved, we weren’t brought up believing in Father Christmas or the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, Jack Frost etc. as our parents were from Samoa and such things weren’t taught to us until we got to school.

So it was very interesting to visit and then watch the wonderment in some of the children’s faces in believing that they were meeting the ‘real Santa’. What’s even more neat was that we got to take a picture with him as a souvenir for his first time as Santa.

And so HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all this season. God bless…