This weekend I was also busy making up some ribbon braided leis that I had learnt to do a couple of years ago and then forgot only to go back onto YouTube to be reminded on how to make them again for our student writers.

I think the neat thing about it is that it can be quickly made up and is easy to pass on to teach our younger family members.

I’ve particularly noticed how Tongan mothers and family members have taken the braiding of ribbons into leis with lollies to another level by the intricate designs of their braided ribbon leis that incorporate the lollies or in many cases, foil-wrapped chocolates.

You only have to check out ‘Pinterest’ to see the various designs and at the various graduation and prizegiving events that I’ve visited this year to see how resourceful and artistic their creations are. The recipients proudly display them and many pics are taken with family and friends.

In fact, I’ll be checking out how to make some over the holidays as a project of mine to learn as I have a few graduations to look forward to attending next year…