This Christmas I’m taking some time out to begin framing up some of the watercolour paintings that I had the opportunity to paint this last semester in my Cert. in Maori and Indigenous Art class. This particular painting is one inspired by the Malu (Samoan indigenous tradition female tattoo patterns) which I cannot get (my namesake’s story) but it’s been a neat journey to study the patterns and meanings.

It’s also given me the inspiration to continue with the studies that I’d started in now feeling ready to begin painting up the book that I’ve been working on over the past few years on Samoan tatau (indigenous Samoan tattoos) origins in our ‘tala o le vavau’ series or ancient Samoan stories.

It’s such an important story that I don’t want to get it ‘wrong’ but at the same time, it’s taking that leap of faith and courage, moving it forward having started the Samoan historical series. The last book from the origins series was ‘Fale Samoa’. So I guess I’m ready to begin after this book launch and during the holidays and now with my malu lima (often controversial) it’s time!

Again, I’m so thankful for God’s hand upon us for the various talents that we are bestowed with the purpose of using it for the betterment of understandings and for others and also for praising His name in all that we do with a humble heart.

So without further adieu, (as they say) I’ll be blogging about the artistic journey going forward having started from humble beginnings and with a long way to go. I’ve learned that you can never be perfect at what you do but if you never try, you’ll never know where it can take you …