A big FAAFETAI TELE or THANK YOU to my family and friends who were able to attend our one-day exhibition at TWOA Te Wananga o Aotearoa, Mangere campus. It was neat to be in an indigenous arts exhibition that featured whakairo (Maori carvings), raranga (Maori weaving) and Toi (fine arts) of which I had the privilege of studying under this past six months.

As earlier blogged, it was a privilege to have had space and the opportunity to study malu, pe’a/malofie (traditional Samoan tattoo) designs and to also be able to study Samoan tapa or siapo designs as well.

I was then able to create my own renderings of designs and then displayed them amidst the other exhibitors of six main pieces. I would have loved to have displayed a lot more but because of the limit of time and in wanting to keep it fluid, I certainly thank our teacher and the institution for the opportunity to do so.

It was neat to see so many people coming to support fellow artists and to share in a cup of tea and refreshments afterwards. This was something that my mother said used to happen at her old school, Avoka (a Samoan Methodist girls school in Faleula Samoa which has since closed) whereupon they would have a handcrafts display where crafts could be sold.

I’d definitely recommend this course of study for the novice or those wanting to have the experience of learning to draw, paint, print, sculpt or photography. Our tutor Trinity, was second to none, and very versatile in supporting new beginners as well. Definitely a experience I would highly recommend to all…