Looking forward this weekend as have submitted five finished pieces for my classes’ art exhibition as the culmination of 18 weeks work in our Certificate in Maori and Indigenous course (although I petered out toward the end with so much other work happening).

A big ‘THANKS’ to our kaiako or teacher, Trinity, as she did a wonderful job of sharing her knowledge of the use of different medium and she was so versatile in her knowledge of painting that she helped me to get over my ‘fear’ of using watercolours as I hadn’t mastered the art of use watercolours until I learned under her tutelage.

The modules of learning include:

  1. drawing
  2. painting
  3. printing
  4. sculpture
  5. photography

The neat thing is that all of the students who stayed the course produced some fantastic pieces that we’ll be proudly displaying this weekend on Saturday 23 November at Te Wananga o Aotearoa, Mangere Campus from 9am to 2pm (open to the public).

I only wish that I could have spent more time perfecting the ideas that I had for all of the pieces but suffice to say that I had a neat time dabbling in the various fine arts medium and enjoyed the freedom and pleasure of creating new pieces.

I’m inviting my family to view but if any are interested in finding out more information then you are most welcome to view our exhibition next to the atrium area and you can always sign up for next year’s course fees free…