I’m so excited as have now booked dates (some tentative) at four local libraries running creative writing workshops for teens. The libraries are:

  • Mangere East
  • Mangere Bridge
  • Mangere Town Centre
  • Otahuhu Toia 

The criteria for the youth writers are for ages 13 – 19 to either: live, work or study in Mangere/Otahuhu geographical areas and the theme for the writing is based around the idea ‘Navigating Journeys’.

The deadline dates are very tight so there’s not a lot of leeway for me to move with our book launch proposed date being early December but will see how it goes.

The short stories or poetry submissions that I’m particularly interested in publishing for the book is around stories or poetry that resonate with the theme and will also make people think or reconsider things from varying perspective/s.

The above art work study that I developed from the idea of the malu (traditional Samoan’s womens tattoo) started with a pencil study, then I added ink to the drawing followed by a watercolour study using a browns palette and then onto an acrylic ‘boxed’ art canvas in which I wanted to paint the patterns in such a way as to show movement as a necklace, ribbon or sash or even as a superhighway that is multi-directional.

This particular artwork will be at all workshops to hopefully inspire youth writers to share their perspectives, tell their stories that will engage meaningfully with their audience. Again, a very privileged space to be a part of. Thank you God! …