Several years before I began the journey into self-publishing, there were some iconic moments, that I recall, made me think that there was more to my thoughts than just a dream of becoming a writer.

From a very young age, I enjoyed reading stories about how other people lived. I also enjoyed drawing, painting and creating art, watching movies and learning about makes us tick.

By the time I started in my career as an educator, I believed that there was more to life than just being a teacher and kept walking in that direction.

Sometimes, I believe that the creator or our Atua (God) places within each heart, a dream, or a purpose to fulfil. As well as being a daughter, wife, mother, sister and friend etc. I feel that part of that purpose, for me, is being fulfilled in the books that we are currently considering, writing, planning and self-publishing for our readers.

What’s it’s taught me and that I want to share with many a down and out sad writer, passionless dreamer, tired mother, almost giving up student, frustrated friend etc. is to never give up. To keep walking towards that vision, that goal, that dream and to never lose sight of it.

You might want to become a dancer, an elite sportsperson, a business owner or creator or entrepreneur etc. whatever that dream might be, it’s important to keep honing those skills, to stay within that field and broaden your knowledge, to begin to share your dream with other believers in you and to never lose faith.

For years, I kept knowing that I hadn’t reached my goal and that “something’s missing” as the 1980s song goes. And in the late 1990s, I started writing out my thoughts in creative journals, I wrote poetry, started storylines and years before our company was even birthed, the name ‘Pacific Hibiscus’ stayed within my mind for several years.

When I intrepidly started our company in 2015, I registered the name as Pacific Hibiscus and then a couple of years later, wrote a poetry collection and named it ‘Pacific Hibiscus’ in honour of the purpose that I was given and the journey as a female writer, hence the hibiscus flower as a feminine symbol and the word Pacific, from where I am from both in being born as a Samoan in New Zealand and being brought up with Maori, Samoans, Cook Islanders, Niueans and Tongans in my schooling life and in church.

Our Imprint name has special meaning to me and as we start to develop the vision even more, I thought it was important to stop, take stock, be thankful to God for the journey that started so many years ago and then continue to forge ahead to share this unfolding story with others who also have a dream and to encourage them, even after decades, that it’s never to late to start as I did, as there’s no time limit on a dream…