This last weekend I spent at Manurewa Marae with a couple of other classes joining mine to listen to our guest speaker: Matua Rereata.

He is one of 5 distinguished indigenous speakers sharing matauranga (Maori word for knowledge) with communities to help to share indigenous practices with whanau (families) all over the country and internationally throughout the Pacific.

The 5 areas that were identified that I am also very interested in includes:

  1. Living by the Stars: Prof. Rangi Matamua
  2. Maramataka: (understanding the phases of the moon for everyday living) Matua Rereata…
  3. Navigation by the stars: the late Sr Hekenukumai Busby (master waka builder), Matua Hoturoa
  4. Elite sports: Dr Ihirangi
  5. Social work: Matua Riki

I was privileged enough with my class to attend the talk and were very blessed to have learned so much information in a short amount of time. It is about reclaiming much of the old indigenous knowledge that has been lost in many areas since colonization and claiming it for current practice to help heal, nurture and feed families, individuals and communities.

This has been really exciting work as it feels as if I was born for such a time as this in being able to pool the knowledge to share through books, discussions, on blogs and social media. It also helps to inform my doctoral studies through the information that I am learning about.

In coming weeks, I’ll be able to share some of the new ways of understanding within these blogs and some of the ancient practices that are now being utilised by families to support their wellbeing and through a more holistic lens…