This last long Queen’s birthday weekend was very busy with the birthday celebration of my beloved with a book launch of our latest non-fiction picture book title ‘The 1918 deadly epidemic in Samoa’.

That was followed by my mom’s significant birthday celebration and then recovery over a BBQ for Queen’s birthday weekend. With the week ahead of so much accomplished (thanks to God) and more to do.

A big thanks to Leota, Alice for hosting our book launch, last Friday, at Papatoetoe war memorial library and the pre-launch/post-launch book readings at: Mayfield School (Otara), Papatoetoe West School and Holy Cross school (Papatoetoe).

We also managed to visit my old school twice to share a Samoan storybook ‘The footprint of Moso’ with our youngest’s class and also with the Samoan bilingual unit to learn about the 1918 epidemic that killed so many and that was part of Samoan history that few have known about.

As a result, the next historical picture book in the series that we are considering to write to around the event known as “Black Saturday” in which the two worlds collide and still very few diaspora Samoans know about this event that cemented in the minds, of Samoans of the day, to become independent from colonial forces and to be self-governing.

But that’s another story for another time. Suffice to say that it’s always nice after a book launch to relax as we send out our latest offering and begin to prepare for the next journey. Never a dull moment in the lives of prolific writers. A true blessing to share these stories with you, the reader/s :)…