Our Easter holiday celebrations were quite special in starting at our local Life church on Thursday night with “The Watch” reflective space and on Easter Friday we watched a “Jesus” movie as a family during the day and at night we attended a celebration concert at our Life Central campus with Kim Walker-Smith, an American Christian singer/songwriter and worship leader with a powerful voice.

On Saturday we rested, for me as an observation of the Jewish Sabbath and then yesterday we attended our morning service at Life South church with Easter messages about a man called Jesus (God, the son in human form) creating the most significant event in Earth’s history of living, dying, resurrecting and then his transfiguration into heaven.

After the service, we also were served with cute Easter eggs and morning tea with Easter hot crossed buns and it certainly had a celebratory feeling with all the messages about how Jesus’ life story gives us hope that there is life after death and hope for a better tomorrow.

This week we also have our Life Conference 2019 event from 23 – 26 April of which we as a family attended last year and decided to pay in advance a year ahead (early bird special) to attend again this year as a family with an extra ticket for a friend.

This year, the event will be hosted at our Life Central campus and am looking forward to attending the 3 days and a 4th evening event with many other people arriving from national and international communities. Time worth spending and learning …