This Thursday 18 April, I’ll be attending a live debate which is being co-hosted by the Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel (which I am a member of) with Auckland Council. The topic debate topic will be “Auckland – the best place for Pasifika to live?”

Venue: Western Springs Garden Community Hall, 956 Great North Road, Western Springs, Auckland

Time: 10.30 am to 12.30 pm (light refreshments will be served)

Register: For planning purposes (seating and food arrangements) please register your attendance with by Tuesday 16 April (today).

The following information includes information from the Media Release:

It’s going to be a facilitated panel of well-known and up and coming political, economic and cultural commentators and they’ll cover important issues to our Pasifika peoples that are relevant to working and living in Auckland i.e. housing affordability, belonging and civic participation.

After the debate, the panel will summarise key points and suggest recommendations on how Auckland Council can address issues that are raised and explored during the debate as our Panel advises Auckland Council on its strategies, plans and policies to deliver better outcomes for Pasifika peoples. The panel also strives towards building a stronger connection between Auckland’s Pasifika communities and the Council.

Looking forward to attending this event and the interesting perspectives and issues, challenges, celebrations and discussions that are going to be highlighted on the day. I would definitely recommend this as the place to be this Thursday coming…