My RAM (Random Act of Kindness) for today was picking up some wheelchairs at our local International airport and wheeling them back from the carpark to the Airport terminal.

This morning my family went to take my parents to the airport for their return flight to Samoa as it’s faster for them to go via wheelchair rather than to slowly walk over to the boarding gate with people racing past them.

I’ve learnt that it’s faster to go to the carpark to source wheelchairs than to ask staff to look for one for us and to have to wait for ages whilst this is happening.

I know that people are probably busy meeting up with their family members or friends etc. and then end up leaving wheelchairs in the car park but spare a thought for the next disabled person who needs a wheelchair and then has to wait whilst staff try and locate it or are too busy to and then the poor person has to find somewhere to sit whilst awaiting their turn.

So that was my RAM for the day in seeing so many wheelchairs waiting for staff to wheel them back to the terminal from the carpark, I  took our eldest and decided to wheel some wheelchairs back to be used for the next passenger to use as often we get into the thought that someone else gets paid to do this job but I also know that when I was a waitress that I appreciated it when people would clear their own table and then it would be one less thing for me to do for the busy day ahead.

I’ve been told that being thankful or having gratitude and helping out other people can go a long way to assisting with depression and self-centredness. I know that I had a good feeling after I completed my task and I also know the relief that some would feel in being able to locate one for a family member in need of it.

So please spare a thought for those who work in our various service industries and a thought for our people with disabilities and if you are able to do a RAM for them, then you just made one more person happy for the day…