Today’s ‘Gumboot Friday’ and it’s a neat initiative that Mike King and ‘I am Hope’ have started to raise monies for free counselling for kids.

Monies are being collected on different sites such as our local Kiwibank online banking site or other social media sites that are accepting monies on their behalf.

Yesterday, our youngest reminded me of her school’s support for the day and the fact that she didn’t have any gumboots to wear so we trudged off to our local Warehouse to buy some.

There we met with many other parents taking their children to buy gumboots either ’cause they couldn’t find them or they don’t fit anymore or it’s just a good reason to buy another pair of gumboots.

It was really interesting too with all the different types of gumboots that were available like the full length ‘I mean business’ black gumboots, the polka dotted midway gumboots that our youngest decided to buy and my wanna be gumboots with the dainty flowers that are slip ons.

Not to mention the many gumboots that are Disney licensed or themed gumboots like the pink flamingos on a black background or the glittery gumboots etc. There were definitely so many to choose from that it could take a whole day to try on different pairs for comfort and fit.

So after choosing our gumboots and making sure we left some behind for the next discerning buyer we went home and our youngest wanted to sleep with hers because she thought it was such a novelty but went to sleep without them.

Only to then put my gumboots on to jump into the car onto work then upon taking a few steps to my workplace, I realised that these were the squishy kind of gumboots that go squish, squish, squish every time I walk anywhere.

Oh well, what can I say. Happy Gumboot Friday! squish, squish, squish…