When I opened up my Facebook account to catch up on various news items etc. I came across a Facebook news item regarding banning ‘Hate groups’ like the ones that are associated with the Christchurch slayings. They were even named and I guessed shamed.

It was interesting to read in the comments that people left on the feed that there should be an outright ban on any groups that posted or boasted hate messages against any peoples regarding religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc.

A few news items later, I came across a news item about a movie in which the trailer was being banned in different states in the US. I decided to find out more information and came across a new movie that is being promoted this month in the States called “Unplanned”.

In watching the trailer and some of the background information about the movie I realised the reasons regarding why such a movie and trailer would be controversial in that it deals with the stark realities -surrounding abortion with many sides to it but the main being either: pro-life (anti-abortion) or pro-choice (pro-abortion).

I think it’s a movie that I’ll be taking my older children to watch and hope it comes to NZ too. I remember in being a high school teacher, many moons ago, that I’d hear about some of our young Pasifika women going to have abortions and then returning to school to finish off their education. The reasons were numerous but always the young women was changed for life.

In most instances the families never found out about it as parental permission was not and is still not needed although schools won’t allow a student to go on a school trip without a parental permission slip. This movie reminds us that there are other human beings suffering violence in a society that is too blind or deaf to even realise what’s going on behind the scenes of abortion clinics.

This movies is based on the true story of an 8 year pro-abortion clinic worker and later, director (Planned Parenting) and the change of mind she has when she witnesses an actual abortion procedure by a new doctor in the clinic in the first trimester (3 months).

This movie will definitely trigger many angry and emotional responses especially for women who have had abortions and have healed and those who still haven’t healed. I think the line that stays with me from the trailer is that although one might have an abortion, it never takes away the memory of the baby, often our most vulnerable humans on earth…