Just back from a quick trip with the family to Samoa i.e. Returning to Paradise and had an absolute great time visiting family, some indigenous research on three books that I’m currently working on and celebrating our middle child’s birthday at my Aunt and Uncle’s (and co.) ‘Return to Paradise’ Resort in Lefaga.

It was the dream of my Aunt and Uncle’s family, with the help of my maternal Grandmother, to develop this dream resort which many are now able to enjoy, not only as patrons but also as it brings income through employment and leasing to local villages when in days of old were seen as being quite remote in their locations but are now thriving.

It’s also a part of the story in a book that I am working together with family to collate in my grandmother’s biography and many adventures that she took part in even as late as in her eighties. She was still up for an adventure and we hope to share that pioneering spirit that she had which influenced us growing up will be shared in a book with our next generations, especially those who never got to meet her.

In fact, a very big CONGRATULATIONS! to the ‘Return to Paradise’ Resort team for winning the Samoa 2018 Excellence in Tourism trophy recently which is an amazing feat as you just have to check out the other contending resorts in Samoa to see the competition that they were up against.

And a big thanks for making our birthday special with such tasty cuisine, yes, a little unimaginative as we kiwi’s all ordered the fish and chips; the yummy smoothies with my favourite being the Pineapple Hula drink and an amazing birthday cake with frosting that melted in your mouth.

So I would most definitely highly recommend the ‘Return to Paradise’ Resort as the go to resort for those special occasions of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, vow renewals, or just to relax complete with several pools (3 for children) that we really enjoyed, a beach that you just have to keep an eye out on wave action etc. a wedding chapel and beautiful grounds to just walk through. They even had a crab race that was fun to watch as well.

We’re looking forward to our next Ah Siu Family reunion being booked at the resort in January of 2021, with some already booking well ahead to avoid being disappointed in missing out (that’s a reminder to me too). It’ll be a place that that we can relax and enjoy together and still be able to special make memories that will last a life time…