Mana Mangere Writers’ Collective

Now looking forward to the first draft our Mana Mangere Writers’ collective publication that has been kindly sponsored and supported by our communities’ Mangere Otahuhu local board.

This is such a neat opportunity as we were just established last year but many of the participating writers have been writing for ages, just like me. In fact, it’s been some two and a half years since I’ve first self published but had been writing for over 20 years.

The publication will be in the form of a book that will include a collection of poetry and short stories that the writers submitted and that we have critiqued and have considered to either inspire, encourage and/or educate our local communities but also for a worldwide audience.

The only previso being that writers either to live, work or study in Mangere. This has brought about a very interesting mix of writers from different cultural backgrounds with histories and experiences that are range and are so varied and interesting in scope.

For me, it’s a culmination of lifetime of enjoying reading and writing stories/poems and also watching them come to visual fruition in movies. Now so looking forward to the launch of our publication in July/Aug which is not so far away…


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