As well as the exhibition that I’m developing for display next month, I also have a writing project that has also been possible through the generous support of Mangere Otara community board and that’s for coordinating a short anthology of writing from some 8 writers in Mangere.

The anthology will be edited by myself with the idea of including stories that inspire, encourage or educate our communities although, I suspect, it might also appeal to a wider audience.

We hope to launch the book in July of this year and it’s to be a book that gathers stories from mostly unpublished writers who either: live, work or study in Mangere. We presently have writers who have lived and been educated mostly in Mangere as well as those who have left home lands and have now made Mangere their home or place of work.

Leading up to the launch, I’ll be featuring the different writers through my blogsite as: . I’m really looking forward to seeing the fruition of this project as it’s been something that I’ve wanted to do with our community for a long time…