poster-nz-bk-festival-2016 Looking forward to attending the NZ Book Festival in Mt Eden this Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm in the Mt Eden Memorial Hall. It will be my second appearance as a self published author in that forum and thankful for the opportunity to share my books with the wider community.

Last year I attended but I had only about 3-4 books published at that time and some were already out of print as I hadn’t expected such interest but this time I am more aware and have more books on show. Although I did just receive a big order which means that some books will have to be ordered if they aren’t available.

What I do like about the Book Festival, as an author, quite aside from buying or selling books, is being able to share a space with like minded people who love books and writing and often share a passion for both. Last time I was able to meet with many writers and artists as well as book Publishers and it was neat to see what was on offer.

So if you happen to be free and available and interested in seeing what is on offer for self-published and traditionally published authors in New Zealand, why not come and see for yourself the range of books and authors sharing their stories this weekend…