Re-search in Action with 9th book

adapted byHelen Tau'au Filisi.png It’s been such a blessing to launch our 9th book so far since beginning back in March of 2015 and this month also gave a presentation at the Te Wananga o Aotearoa Research Symposium (Maori tertiary education institution) on “Rangahau (Re-search) in action – from a SamoaNZ perspective”.

In the presentation, I was able to outline from where I started to where I am today and that there are spiritual forces at play beyond my comprehension in how I am now doing what I do. In that I had wanted to go to Art school at Uni but instead took on arts degrees and now am self publishing and manage the process from the start to finish.

I also ended up re-searching my namesake’s village’s sacred sites and stories (maternal Great grandmother Eleni) in Falealupo and had never intended to end up writing and researching about it. Now it has become information that I have written poetry, stories and painted on and it wasn’t something that was intended from the beginning yet in retrospect – it was meant to be.

So I thank God for such amazing opportunities and also my family for being such an amazing support right from the very beginning in my parents and my paternal Grandmother for assisting. My husband and children who continue to encourage and inspire me to continue writing, painting, thinking and talking about it as well as neat friends who are constantly there for me. It has truly been a blessing…






2 thoughts on “Re-search in Action with 9th book

  1. Talofa Helen – sorry about using this page to try and get a hold of you!!

    It’s Liz Sio from Home Graduates E.C.E Limited. We meet during the Pasifika expo in Manukau last year – I hope you remember me?

    Helen, I was wondering if I could meet up with you to discuss a possibility of having some of my children’s books published or re-edited or something?

    This year’s language weeks starting with Matariki, and I want to focus on literacy so I am asking my educators and children to retell their own versions of myths and legions.
    Specifically using the children’s art work and possibly their words.

    I want proper books published, not the usual copied and bind books.

    I have currently 60 educators so it would be books for 60 homes and possibly orders from parents especially if they see and know their children contributed to the book and for our library.

    So what do think?

    Looking forward to any response


    Elizabeth Mary Sio
    Home Graduates E.C.E Limited
    “ Education starts in the home”.
    6 Aranui Road, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060
    021 025 89798 | |


    • Talofa Liz, my apologies as I haven’t been on my website lately and then came across you message and text. At the moment I’m swamped with work and studies as well as preparing for an exhibition next month. I wonder if you might be able to get some assistance from Little Island Press (a Pasifika team) who might be able to support you in your endeavours? sorry as I can’t be of much help at this time. All the best. Helen


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