maui and sina cover page There has been a lot of interest in the first book of the play series that was first launched last year called “Maui and Sina”. Perhaps it is because of the title that alludes to the coming together of two Pasifika/Polynesian mythological heroes of old into a new story or because of the lovely artwork of the artist (my daughter) on the cover.

The story itself was inspired in the fact that in the mid 1990s, as a third year high school English teacher, I had gone to watch a colleague of mine’s rendition of a European play at my old high school. Upon returning home, I was so ardent that “we” (Pasifika peoples) had our own stories without having to resort to perform “other” cultures plays.

Therefore, I set about writing a play that would begin to use Pasifika terms of reference like including a Maori creation myth and discussing ideas that were akin to what many Pasifika families have experienced in migrating to a new land. This has sparked a lot of interest and I hope that the whole series will soon be discovered by NZ high schools.

Therefore, a second printing is soon coming your way if you particularly are interested in a storyline that combines Maori creation mythology with the migration story of Pasifika peoples to New Zealand. It was the first play that I had written with many parts for young men as I wanted to involve as many as I could into the play.

As a result, I have signed a contract with “Playmarket” to act as an agent for the play as they were interested in representing the play when such time as a group wants to perform the play then they are able to discuss payments and royalties etc. for the play on behalf of the playwright. I’d heard that one school wanted to try to perform it but haven’t yet heard if it’s still going ahead.

Am looking forward to what lies ahead with more launches of plays to continue over the next couple of years…