Book Launch

Looking forward to our first book launch of the year, on Friday 8 April 2016, for the play “Su’e the lost son” which is the 3rd book in our performance play series. It will be launched at the Tupu Youth library which is just a walk down from Tangaroa College.

I’m really looking forward to sharing the play that was written back when I was an English teacher at Tangaroa College, between 1991 – 1996, and it was the last play that I wrote, directed and produced with the help of my colleagues and school students before I left.

It’s now a privilege to be able to share this with the next generation of readers and to remember those who made it so special…


3 thoughts on “Book Launch

  1. It was wonderful to hear more of your story, Helen. You’ve achieved so much! Thank you for such an entertaining – and inspiring – launch party. I’ve been feeling a bit unmotivated lately, but your passion and enthusiasm is catching. Ready to get back on the horse!

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    • Thanks so much for attending the book launch as I’d wanted to share how a conversation or someone else’s story can have an impact as yours did to me and now I feel like I’ve beginning to live my dream in writing and publishing. Thank you for your inspiration and keep shining your light too 🙂

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