Re-search in Action with 9th book

 It’s been such a blessing to launch our 9th book so far since beginning back in March of 2015 and this month also gave a presentation at the Te Wananga o Aotearoa Research Symposium (Maori tertiary education institution) on “Rangahau (Re-search) in action – from a SamoaNZ perspective”. In the presentation, I was able to outline from where I started to where I am today and that there are spiritual forces at play beyond my comprehension in how I am now doing what I do. In that I had wanted to go to Art school at Uni but instead took … Continue reading Re-search in Action with 9th book

Reprinting “Maui and Sina”

 There has been a lot of interest in the first book of the play series that was first launched last year called “Maui and Sina”. Perhaps it is because of the title that alludes to the coming together of two Pasifika/Polynesian mythological heroes of old into a new story or because of the lovely artwork of the artist (my daughter) on the cover. The story itself was inspired in the fact that in the mid 1990s, as a third year high school English teacher, I had gone to watch a colleague of mine’s rendition of a European play at my … Continue reading Reprinting “Maui and Sina”